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About us

In Business since years

You will soon find out who we are!

The Owner Mr. Jörg Römer is the head of the company since years. Not only medium-sized companies are our primary customers, also retail stores, sport clubs, organizations, financial service providers, as well as municipalities and even one-man-business.

We work primary in region with "ZIP code area 55", but also supra-regional offers are no problem for us to work on through our partner companies.

For each request, we offer individual solutions, conduct consultations and analyze the needs and the financial framework of the customer to deliver effective products. We see ourselves not only as a web developer, also as a designer artwork and media expert team.

This includes the development of flyers, catalogs, business cards, banners, signs, etc. In cooperation with other local partners, we can offer everything what is needed away from standard prizes of other cost-intensive web agencies. In addition to domains and server locations, we also offer service contracts for rework, which are worthwhile in long term, because the customer webpage will be constantly in our monitoring. A special service here are free monthly statistics or we contact the customer in the interval to show further improvements in functionality or old content.

History of RÖMERWELT®

  First private publication of software by company founder J. Römer in magazine TI REVUE at the age of 13 years.
  Hobby programmer of software and games for home computer systems TI 99 / 4a, C64, SINCLAIR ZX81, Schneider CPC, AMIGA 500, AMIGA 2000 under private label "JR-SOFT".
  For the first time, the business owner J. Römer create with websites.
  Before the turn of the millennium, Mr. Römer decides due to permanent requests to start an independent commercial activity.
  1st financial year of RÖMERWELT Webdesign Multimedia®.
Business foundation: 19.01.2000
  Participation in the Nahe-Hunsrück-Fair in Idar-Oberstein/ Germany.
  For the first time created over 25 webpages for customers. First press release about RÖMERWELT. Sponsoring of the Kinderhilfsorganisation Förderverein Lützelsoon "Help for Children in Need" e.V.
  The "RÖMERWELT restaurant manager" based on DOS is created and successfully used.
  Already over 40 websites for customers. First EU supported project "Schloss Wartenstein". First php-based shop goes online. Sponsorship of the wrestling club Oberstein (ACO)
  New range of business: flyers, catalogs, signs and business cards are increasing significantly.
  Owner Jörg Römer celebrates his 10th anniversary.

New partnership with B.IT.S. IT Service & Services.

  Partnership with Mr. Thomas Jurke-von Holdt
(Drupal & TYPO3 - creative data solution - Freelancer)
  Moving to new business location central Kirn/Germany at market place.
  Moving to new business location North in Kirn/Germany.

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